Express Money Transfer

Express Money Transfer is a convenient, safe way to transfer funds to anyone, anytime! With CCCU's Funds Transfer Service, you can send money to your own accounts at any financial institution or credit union within the United States. You can also send payments to any third-party with an email or cell phone number. You must be a member of Citizens Community Credit Union and have access to our online account service to use this feature.

To register for online account services, click on the Citizens Online Icon on the CCCU home page. Select first-time user and enter your member number and security code. Choose your security questions and security phrase, and then input your email address to complete the process.

Express Money Transfer Quick Start Procedures

Account Type – Financial Institution/Credit Union account in the United States

• Login to your online account.

• Hover over the Transfer Tab.

• Click on the Express Money Transfer tab in the dropdown menu.

• Click the Accounts & Recipients link in the step 1 paragraph of the Quick Start instructions. This will take you to the Setup Accounts & People page.

• Select the type of account you want to setup by clicking the radio button, i.e., Financial Institution/Credit Union account within the United States, then click continue…this will take you to the Setup Account Page.

• To setup a new bank or credit union account: enter the Routing #, Account #, Account Type, Account Name and Account Nickname fields from the dropdown menu…then click continue. This will take you to the Setup Account Page where you will confirm the information…then click Confirm. A "Your account has been added successfully" message should appear on the page.

• Your account will appear in the Accounts section under Financial Institution.

• Two trial transactions (one deposit, one withdrawal) are being automatically generated and sent to your account. These transactions will usually be posted to your account within two business days. You will need to log into your account to verify the deposit and withdrawal amounts. Once you have verified the transaction amounts, return to the Manage Accounts & People page and click the Activate link next to your account. Enter the amounts to validate your account then click confirm. For your security, failure to activate the account within 15 business days will automatically result in a rejection of the account setup.

Send or request money from someone using their cell phone number or e-mail address - $10.00 minimum

Person to Person Transfer - Set Up

• Log in to online account services

• Select the "Transfer Tab"

• Select "Express Money Transfer"

• Accept the Terms of Use – first time only

• Select "Manage Accounts and People"

• Select Third Party

• Select continue

• Insert persons name

• Insert cell phone# or email address

• Select continue

• Verify account information

• Review information for accuracy

• Select submit

• Person is displayed in your Third Party list

Transfer money between accounts you own at other institutions - $20.00 minimum

Account to Account Transfer - Set Up

• Log in to online account services

• Select the "Transfer Tab"

• Select "Express Money Transfer"

• Select "Manage Accounts and People"

• Select "Financial Institution/Credit Union within U.S.

• Input account information

• A debit/credit will show on each account within a couple days

• Once this is complete you will input amounts when asked for it

• This is a security feature to ensure you have access to both accounts

• Once completed, you can transfer money between accounts

Transfer Money

Transfer money between your accounts

• Log in to online account services

• Select the "Transfer Tab"

• Select "Express Money Transfer"

• Select "Overview"

• Select account to transfer money from

• Select account or person to transfer money to

• Enter amount and choose continue

• Type a message to the recipient (optional)

• Confirm accuracy – then select confirm

• Recipient will receive a notification through text or email (person to person only)

• Recipient will sign in to receive transfer (person to person only)

• Transaction will be complete within two to five business days depending on the type of transaction you are doing.

Select the Help Tab for a detailed explanation of instructions and transaction limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I use the service for?

A. Account to Account allows you to transfer funds between your accounts with Citizens Community Credit Union and your accounts with another financial institution.

Person to Person allows you to send money to an individual using only their email address or cell phone number.

Q. How do I set up an account with the service?

A. Log into Citizens online account services then click the transfer tab and select Express money Transfer. Click manage Accounts & People and select the type of account to begin the account setup process.

Q. Can I send funds to someone else?

A. You can utilize the Person-to-person (P2P) payment feature to send a payment via email or text message.

Q. How many days does it take for the transaction to be processed?

A. The transaction will be complete within two to five business days depending on the type of transaction you are doing.