Online Login

Update: The new complex password is in effect for all new enrolling users and any existing members that change their password now and going forward. We will have the required change on the next log in take effect Wednesday, OCT 25th. We are doing everything possible to ensure this process is as smooth as possible for you.

On October 18th at approximately 10am, an upgrade will take place that will change the complexity of the Online Banking and Mobile App Pin requirements.

The PIN requirements will be at least one of each of the following

 1 upper case letter

 1 lower case letter

 1 number

 1 symbol

The PIN must be 8 to 12 characters long and you will be prompted to change this PIN every 6 months.

For symbols, use only the following: ! # ? ^ & * ( $ % )

Our Service Center is prepared to assist our members and can be reached at (701)-757-6814. If prompted, please leave a voicemail and a representative in our service center will contact you.


1. Why are we making this change?

Member security is a top priority and we know that more complex passwords are an important component to upholding that security.

2. Do we have to change it?

Yes, in order to meet the high standards of online security, the change is necessary.

3. Can I change it before then?

The new password requirements will not be in effect until midmorning on October 18th. Your current PIN will work until October 18th. Once the change occurs, you will be prompted to change the password the first time you log in.

Thank you for placing your trust in CCCU